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How to pass the card details for the Magento API [POST]: V1/carts/mine/payment-information for the payment method stripe_payments_checkout_card

I have an iOS native app which communicates through Magento Rest APIs with my Magento Store, I would like to know how to pass the card details (Token, CVV, Exp Year, Exp Month, Last 4) in JSON format for the payment method "method":"stripe_payments_checkout_card" in the Magento API: [POST] V1/carts/mine/payment-information Note: I use the Stripe Official […]

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Getting internal server error when posting to my website, but not when deleting posts

I can’t seem to figure out how my server is having trouble fulfilling a post request. It works perfectly fine in postman when I provide this JSON below { “name”: “post11111111111”, “images”: “image/path”, “link”: “”, “info”: “this is a painting”, “price”: “75”, “itemCategory”: “painting”, “available”: “true”, “highEnd”: “false” } But when making the post request […]