Ask Biology

Why is recreating photosynthesis on a petri dish so hard?

If we were to place bacteriorhodopsin and ATP synthase in an acidified solution (for H+ ions) filled with phospholipids, ADP and inorganic phosphate, hopefully the bacteriorhodopsin and ATP synthase will be embedded in the same micelle. Then when exposed to sunlight, the bacteriorhodopsin will start to operate, creating an electrochemical gradient which will power the […]

Ask Engineering

Overheating Linear Voltage Regulator In Lexicon Omega Audio Interface. Can I Swap With Reduced Amperage To Avoid Heat Probs?

I have a Lexicon Omega USB Audio Interface that’s overheating. Already tried several heatsinks, including the biggest one I could get (6″Hx2.5″Wx.5″D) with optimized cross-cut vertical fins, mica isolators, & prolimatech pk-1 cpu grease to help transfer. Also replaced the LVRs to see if they had degraded with time, using TI parts to see if […]

Mastering Development

Why is my windows message box always choosing you path c++?

Here bellow is a program that I’m trying to attach to a window, it works but I wanted the user to have the option to attempt to attach the window without reopening the program. I tried this with a switch statement, but if the process wasn’t found and the user opens it then pressed retry […]