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Reactjs state not render to update the DOM

What i am trying to do is when a user click on button a new table row to be added:- Child Component:- import React, { useState } from "react"; import { Row, Col, Card, Form, Button } from "react-bootstrap"; import Aux from "../hoc/_Aux"; const ObservationsForm = (props) => { return ( <Aux> <Card> <Card.Header> <Card.Title […]

Linux Mastering Development

Thunderbird: move Quick Filter Toolbar to main panel

When I open the “customize” menu in Thunderbird, I can add or remove the items from the toolbar. This way, I can reorder the buttons “write”, “reply”, “reply all”, or remove them altogether. The Quick Filter Toolbar cannot be moved like this. There used to be an addon called quickfiltertoolbar, which made it possible to […]