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Isn’t the truth that “SEO” is, and always was, pure nonsense?

I used to follow discussions on this “WebmasterWorld” forum, where a small group of old-timers would sit and analyze every single word of every text published by Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/whatever other search engines existed, getting their pants wet whenever they made the slightest (perceived) change in their blackbox algorithms and generally seeming extremely stressed out and dependent […]

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Device multipath setup interferes with software RAID setups on CentOS

I’m using a default installation of CentOS (well, a subset really for oVirt nodes which, at least to me, seems to be the same for the “core part” of the system). It’s running on a Supermicro server with a HBA with a bunch of harddrives. I currently only use two of them for the OS […]

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Cost/Value of Scale

Scale (as described on page 67 of the System Toolkit and page 52 of Condensed) is a rather useful tool for modelling certain kinds of discrepancies of power between entities in a campaign. It seems especially convenient for modelling suddenly-encountered situational differences, like ‘the tank you just hijacked is bigger than other vehicles; gain 2 […]


Pairwise similarity matrix between a set of vectors in PyTorch

Let’s suppose that we have a 3D PyTorch tensor, where the first dimension represents the batch_size, as follows: import torch import torch.nn as nn x = torch.randn(32, 100, 25) That is, for each i, x[i] is a set of 100 25-dimensional vectors. I would like to compute the similarity (e.g., the cosine similarity — but […]