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Eliminate beeps and bleeps in the power lines

The platform is having various supply voltages generated by the power supply: +5V (for digital part), +12V and -12V for analog part, including video amplifiers. My device, which is being installed into the platform, has several switching power supplies based on Maxim step down converters. One of them, converting +5V to +3.3V, powers the DAC. […]

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Is it possible arrayformula combined with many if, and, isblank?

Is it possible arrayformula combined with many if, and, isblank ?? The code below works fine =IF(AND(ISBLANK(F8)=TRUE,ISBLANK(H8)=FALSE), "Not shipped", IF((AND(ISBLANK(F8)=FALSE,ISBLANK(H8)=FALSE)),"Shipped","")) I have to make ERP in google spreadsheet I’m tying to combine arrayformula with upper code. =arrayformula(IF(AND(ISBLANK(F8:F)=TRUE,ISBLANK(H8:H)=FALSE), "Not shipped", IF((AND(ISBLANK(F8:F)=FALSE,ISBLANK(H8:H)=FALSE)),"Shipped",""))) Doesn’t work.. I want to put combined arrayformula in G8 cell It’s really bother me […]

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Would having a fever prevent getting frostbite?

I hope this is allowed. I’m writing a scene in which a character is out in the cold with a raging fever of about 103-104 (Fahrenheit). At one point he actually strips off to his underwear and lies under nothing but an admittedly very warm sleeping bag for about a day, when the temperature is […]

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Why can a user just not login with SSH while everything else seems to work?

I have set up a pair of OpenLDAP servers on Ubuntu 20 with directional failover using Syncrepl. Things that an LDAP user can successfully do include: login su – <uid> remote bind from PHPLDAPAdmin or Apache Directory Studio id <uid> However, the same LDAP user cannot use SSH to login. (Local users can.) The following […]

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Flakey TouchPad Not Fixed by Kernel Upgrade, 20.04

I’m a newbie to this site, but not new to Linux or Ubuntu. I have an ALPS PS/2 DualPoint TouchPad that’s been acting flaky for several weeks. I also have the ALPS PS/2 DualPoint Stick, which works fine. Since I have two almost identical computers and and both started the problem at about the same […]

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Audio Only Running Through Virtual Line

So I installed Virtual Audio Cable, and played around a little, and deleted it because it didn’t fit my needs. I noticed I couldn’t hear anything, so I went to my sound settings, and, there was a virtual audio line. The problem is, it only plays sound through the audio line. So, just redownload VAC […]

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How do I find and kill an application which keeps restarting?

I am writing an application in Swift and I have attempted to allow it to launch at login by following a number of tutorials. This involves creating a launcher application and enabling it using SMLoginItemSetEnabled. Things have gone horribly wrong. I followed the instructions to remove the main storyboard, but neglected to remove its reference […]

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How to watch/wait for events in JavaScript + Truffle?

I’m learning to develop Oracles, and, like all of us, I’ve encountered a dated article. After fixing all the Solidity changes (version, adding emit to fire an event, changing constructor function to constructor etc.), I’ve encountered a JS issue. I’m supposed to be listening to an event, and when it gets fired, fetch some data, […]

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How to find total number of ways to cut a sentence in individual dictionary words

I am facing in optimising a solution of a question which is a variation of word break II. But in this question, I have to find total number of sentences without printing them. So don’t want to store them. I have written a brute force solution, where I have saved all valid sentences in a […]

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How do I change the Base font to an OTF in Minecraft?

In Minecraft 1.16, fonts were updated to support Hex Colors, Emojis and Custom Fonts.. Custom fonts could be loaded into chat via Commands using a Resource Pack However, it seems that if I want to change the base default font, I still need to use the dumb texture maps with all the characters on them: […]