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What is the impact of banishment on CR?

Disclaimer: I know that monster balance is never exact and I don’t expect it to be, I’m looking for rough guidelines like they are given in the DMG for many traits. I like to flavor up my monsters with spells. One spell that seems particularly interesting is banishment. Monsters with that spell appear in the […]

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How does bitcoin core establish a peer to peer network

I’ve tried to look for an answer to this online and haven’t found any. My question is: how does bitcoin establish a peer to peer network. Establishing a centralized network with a server in the middle between all clients is trivial. However, establishing a fully peer to peer network isn’t that easy. This is mostly […]

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Can rewards be decomposed into components?

I’m training a robot to walk to a specific $(x, y)$ point using TD3, and, for simplicity, I have something like reward = distance_x + distance_y + standing_up_straight, and then it adds this reward to the replay buffer. However, I think that it would be more efficient if it can break the reward down by […]

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Planned reboot of Hyper-V guest caused unplanned Hyper-V host reboot

System: Windows Server 2016 Standard, fully patched, both host and guest(s). A strange thing happened today when I rebooted one of my Hyper-V guests (by RDP-ing to the guest and manually triggering a reboot). Here are the relevant parts of the event log: Guest: 11:38:32 The operating system is shutting down at system time ‎2020‎-‎07‎-‎09T09:38:32.812302400Z. […]

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Nautilus 18.04/20.04, hide specific drives in Other Locations

So, I have lots of drives in zfs. In Nautilus, under Other Locations -> On This Computer all of them show up, say 30 of them. Essentially, if I have a zfs pool named Internal, then, I see 30 Internal "drives", and if you click on them, they try and mount which they can’t of […]

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Mac Pro 2010 (5,1) problem: White / white-striped screen, loud fans, then restart

BIG problem. My computer has intermittently shown this problem (in the title). The screen goes blank, fans go very loud, then the computer restarts itself. This happens mostly when using Logic, and more so when EuCon is active. However, it has also happened when simply using the internet… like right now, when I’m searching for […]

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Poor battery life on recent Ubuntu installation

I’ve just started using Ubuntu (or any Linux distro, for that matter). I just bought this computer (Dell Inspiron 5593), and I’ve installed the latest Canonical LTS version of Ubuntu (20.04). My battery life is, quite frankly, abysmal. I was told the battery should be lasting 7-8 hours, but it’s barely lasting 3. I assumed […]

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RGB sequence of day/night cycle

I’d like to simulate a day/night cycle, and am thinking to do this with two components: an underlay to simulate sky color, accompanying either an alternating cloud or star rotation animation containing lots of transparency depending on time of day. The sequence for the sky’s color-shifting is the focus of this post. a translucent overlay […]

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Apparent paradox regarding spontaneity

Consider the following analysis ( rev and irrev respectively refer to a reversible and an irreversible path, between the same initial and final states): $dU_{rev}=dq_{rev}+dw_{rev}$,and,$dU_{irrev}=dq_{irrev}+dw_{irrev}$. $dU_{rev}=dU_{irrev}$. Therefore, $dq_{rev}+dw_{rev}=dq_{irrev}+dw_{irrev}$. Rearranging, $$dq_{irrev}-dq_{rev}=dw_{rev}-dw_{irrev}——–>E01$$ Now: If the volume increases, then $dw_{rev}$ and $dw_{irrev}$ are negative: with $|dw_{rev}|>|dw_{irrev}|$. Thus $dw_{rev}-dw_{irrev}<0$. On the other hand, if the volume decreases, then $dw_{rev}$ […]

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Is it a good practice to have an endpoint URL with path parameter accepting different type of values according to an indicator in the HTTP header?

Assume a resource URL in the context of REST API: /sites/<site id or site code>/buildings/<building id or building code> The value of the two path parameters, <site id or site code> and <building id or building code>, can be either id or code as the name indicates. Implicitly it means: for instance, there is a […]