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Discord MIME types not found on linux install

I have installed Archlinux yesterday, and today, right after the install of the Discord package from pacman, I could see the following warnings on journalctl: déc. 15 14:00:02 Travis systemd[403]: Started Discord – Internet Messenger. déc. 15 14:00:14 Travis ktraderclient5[1369]: KMimeTypeTrader: MIME type "x-scheme-handler/spotify" not found déc. 15 14:00:16 Travis ktraderclient5[1391]: KMimeTypeTrader: MIME […]

Apple User Help

How to make the Wifi of Airport Extreme and Macbook go back to 802.11ac?

It was 99.99% of the time my Macbook and the Apple Airport Extreme were connected by 802.11ac, and today, nothing has changed, and they were shown to be connected by 802.11n all of a sudden, and it has been so for hours. (by pressing Option and clicking on the Wifi icon on the task bar). […]

Mastering Development System & Network

Linux sending system-local mail is not working with AD users

I am experimenting around with a Linux system in my free time, and today, I’ve noticed that the regular /usr/bin/mail is not working with my users that come from my Windows domain (the user does not recieve the message). I would like to have some kind of system-local mail system, just for fun, so how […]

Linux Mastering Development Ubuntu

Ubuntu Server don’t boot anymore

I have an ubuntu server, that runs since a few month, and today, it tells me that i could run a command to update ubuntu. I did And since, my server refuse to boot anymore. Here is the screen i have I can’t scroll upper. Sometimes when i reboot i got the grub menu, and […]

Development Linux Ubuntu

failed to start modem at boot

When I boot Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop (B450 AORUS PRO) I Get the following “Failed to start” messages Failed to start Modem manager Failed to start Manage, Install andGenerate Color Profiles Failed to start Hostname services. Then the boot seems to hang on “Starting Snappy daemon …” Yesterday there was no problem, and today, […]