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Issue running a python script in shell script that has spaces to the python script

I am doing some automation with shell scripting and I am having trouble running a python script in which its’ path has spaces. Forgive me if I made any mistakes or bad practices in the code, I just started learning yesterday :). Here is the code: # grabs root directory from the script path script_path="$( […]

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Why do people use text editors?

I’m so confused. I am not a software developer. My first programming language was R, and I always used Rstudio. The way I code is that I write a code snippet, and run it, and it gets saved to memory, and now I never have to worry about it. I then write my other code […]

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How to have a program print it’s location?

I have a java program and I want it to be able to print out its location on the computer. For example, if I were to place the program in the Downloads folder, and run it, it would print out the path to the file.

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Displaying the image in Flutter works once

I have a problem with flutter Image.assets , when I set image in the file and set it in the assest like that : flutter: uses-material-design: true assets: – images/facebook.png and when I put it in my code : Center( child: Column( mainAxisAlignment:, children: <Widget>[ Image.asset( “images/facebook.png” ), Text( ‘$_counter’, style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.display1, ), ], […]