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What is the mass of a separate erythrocyte?

I really have been searching through internet on different languages, but can’t find any article that answers on the question what is the single erythrocyte mass. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty easy to calculate experimentally, but I didn’t find anything. Has anyone measured single erythrocyte mass, and if yes, what is the value?

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Are there (free) extended versions of Magento that make it easier than using Magento from scratch to jumpstart the front-end of a web store quickly?

Are there (free) extended versions of Magento that make it easier than using Magento from scratch to jumpstart the front-end of a web store quickly (other than Magento Commerce or Magento B2B)? For example, Woocommerce is based on WordPress, ERPAL is based on Drupal. Woocommerce and ERPAL are both their base/core CMSes PLUS extensions, themes […]

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Portal physics by bending space

I’ve been thinking about how to implement a portal, and after a quick search, everyone seems to do it by adding a camera per portal and then just update the other portal’s view with that camera’s view. But if portals were real (like our real, the real in front of the monitor), they’d bend space […]

User Help

Sublime Text 3 – Regex Replace Using Conditional Match

In Notepad++, it is possible to use this kind of expression in the “Replace” box: (?{1}{$1}\n:) This means if first group matches, replace by first group followed by new line, else replace by empty string. Is this also possible in Sublime Text 3, and if yes, what is the exact syntax?

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IIS7.5 virtual directory with ClickOnce application on IIS Server with ARR (Load Balancing)

I need to know, if it is technically (I know this is a special case) possible, to reach a virtual directory on an IIS server with activated ARR + URL Rewrite. As you might guess, I did already try: I added a virtual directory pointing to a click once application on the same IIS server […]

Ask Mathematics

Surprising fact about a certain number-theoretic function

For natural number $n$ we can observe the $n$ remainders $b_1,…,b_n$ by writing $n$ as $n=a_k \cdot k+b_k$ for $1 \leq k \leq n$ Because of the familiar division-with-remainder-theorem we have $0 \leq b_k <n$ Now we can study the sum $$r(n)=\sum_{k=1}^{\lfloor \frac{n-1}{2} \rfloor}b_k$$ After playing around with some values with support of other users, […]

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I am trying to write a formula to average letter grades. In the example, I: take the letter values from B2 and C2 use the lookup table to get number values for them add the values from B2 and B2 divide them by 2 to get the average go back to the table to find […]

Development User Help

Run a VirtualBox Virtual Machine from an Ubuntu Server shell?

I have a server running Ubuntu Server 19.10 with no GUI and no screen attached. I only connect to it through SSH. Is it possible to install VirtualBox on there and run a Virtual Machine that does have its own (virtual) screen, even though the screen isn’t displayed or outputted anywhere by the host machine? […]


Detect if user uses the search function of the browser [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Is there a way to detect find on the page searches in javascript 4 answers Is it possible, and if yes, how, to detect using JavaScript if the user searches within a page using the browser search functionality Ctrl/Cmd + F. I want to know if users try […]

Development Linux

How to check if the OpenSSL version is -ge 1.1.1 in a shell script?

My script requires OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer for it to function. Of course, the first steps are to get if OpenSSL is installed on that system, and if yes, then get the version of the default OpenSSL installation, like so: command -v openssl openssl version | awk ‘{print $2}’ To be honest, I don’t have […]