CMS Mastering Development

Freeform form throws error on submitting hidden field with JSON

I’ve been running into a strange error with the Freeform plugin. I have made a form that has a hidden input field which gets occupied with JSON. This JSON data then is decoded in the e-mail notification for correct displaying. A little more info for clarification: The user can select multiple products from different product […]

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Mastering Development

Swap ether for tokens and provide liquidity on Uniswap

I want to swap half of the provided ether for tokens on Uniswap and provide liquidity with other half and swapped tokens with the buy function. It’s working well in two separate steps, but I want to do this in one transaction. I approved the Uniswap router and this contract for spending tokens. For some […]

Development Python

Iterating over a list of dictionaries in python to find all occurances of a pair of values

I searched for some time, but couldn’t find an exact solution to my problem. I have a list of dictionaries in format: d = [{“sender”: “a”, “time”: 123, “receiver”: “b”, “amount”: 2}, {“sender”: “c”, “time”: 124, “receiver”: “b”, “amount”: 10}, {“sender”: “a”, “time”: 130, “receiver”: “b”, “amount”: 5}] I would like to find the best […]


Javscript create common object from different objects with same attribute and have same key and add amount

I am trying to get data from JSON : { “data”: { “Country”: [ { “Area”: “Urban”, “Date”: “2019-10-14T12:14:20.170Z”, “income”: [ { “amount”: “33”, “currency”: “USD” }, { “amount”: “10”, “currencyCode”: “INR” } ], “expenditure”: [ { “amount”: “5”, “currencyCode”: “INR” } ], “tax”: [ { “amount”: “10”, “currencyCode”: “USD” }, { “amount”: “10”, “currencyCode”: […]