Database Development

Deploying Oracle ADW Changes from development environment to production

I’m currently running an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and have been making changes to my database schema as follows: Change schema on the development environment using SQL statements (CREATE, ALTER, etc) Test the development environment manually Change the schema on the production environment using identical SQL statements Test the production environment to make sure nothing […]

Mastering Development

How to add or update info to an existing list in python

All I want to do is to populate a list of unique customers with their corresponding year of birth. Most so to write it back to my df to fill those empty spaces. Both John and Mike’s names appear twice on the list. John provided his year of birth the first time he purchased an […]

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Xml data type and Hstore to create and query dynamic fields on a SQL database

I’m developing a traceability platform for the agro industry(a web and Android application) where the user can define a series of processes where the raw material becomes a final product. Each process generates data that must be captured (using the Android app). Because it isn’t oriented to a specific kind of crop, the data to […]

CMS Development Wordpress

WordPress Query doesn’t return the correct value

According to this page: Return #Return (int|bool) Boolean true for CREATE, ALTER, TRUNCATE and DROP queries. Number of rows affected/selected for all other queries. Boolean false on error. From this, I can see that I should get a “number of rows affected” value returned, however – it’s returning false. Usually, this indicates an error and […]

Database Development MySQL SQL

Unable to create MySQL database even with permissions

I’m running MySQL server Ver 8.0.18 for Linux on x86_64 (MySQL Community Server – GPL). Despite the user having all required permissions, unable to create database; create database meta_info; ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ‘user1’@’localhost’ to database ‘meta_info’ I fetched the permissions, and the user seems to have all the permissions, like root. […]


pyspark truncate table without overwrite

I need to truncate a table before inserting new data. I have the following code to insert: df.write.jdbc(dbUrl, self._loadDb, “append”, self._props[‘dbProps’]) Which works great, except.. i want an empty database. I know about setting the mode to overwrite and adding .option(‘truncate’, True) but .. this is not what i want. In another way; how can […]

Development MySQL SQL

How do you restore and reset the root user permissions for mysql 8.0? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How can I restore the MySQL root user’s full privileges? 7 answers I accidentally removed the PRIVILEGES of the user root. I’m using mysql 8.0. I can’t access my database and I have denied access to use select statements and other statement for MySQL Server 8.0. I’ve tried […]