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Retrieve address when create a channel lightning network

I have two nodes in regtest. the first one is: $ l1-cli getinfo { "id": "02c3f99e70c8da59e428dd119d36c0a1317e5cd85218a760355b5f9b4f822f6109", "alias": "ALICE", "color": "ddff06", "num_peers": 0, "num_pending_channels": 0, "num_active_channels": 0, "num_inactive_channels": 0, "address": [], "binding": [ { "type": "ipv4", "address": "", "port": 6060 } ], "version": "v0.8.2-269-g6014644", "blockheight": 1, "network": "regtest", "msatoshi_fees_collected": 0, "fees_collected_msat": "0msat", "lightning-dir": "/tmp/l1-regtest/regtest" } $ […]

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i got an error in http :socketException : OS error : connection refused

[ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/] Unhandled Exception: SocketException: OS Error: Connection refused, errno = 111, address =, port = 36832


NodeJS `net` module slow ECONNREFUSED on Windows

There seems to be a huge performance difference between Linux and Windows when handling errors on the net module of NodeJS. I was handling an ECONNREFUSED error on Windows which seemed to be almost 85 times slower compared to Linux. Take a look at the following scratch file: const net = require(“net”); console.time(“Timing”); const connection […]