Mastering Development

How to make a rigid alternative constraint based on earn value

i want to make a rescheduling model. I have 2 modes in tuple, I declare it using ID, I want to make a constraint if the costprod * duration in present’s mode in day 1-7 <= earn value than choose mode 2. But I think something missing in model. but I didn’t know where is […]

Development Django SQL

Is there a way to get the full output of SQL-server’s sp_help in django?

SQL server has the prompt: sp_help table_name. I would like to access the output of this using django. I am using django 2.1. I expected the following code to work, but it only returns the first part of what SQL server returns. cursor = connection.cursor() cursor.execute(“sp_help testTable”) print(cursor.fetchall()) I expected the output to be: [(‘testTable’, […]