Database Development

Replace a sequential set of numbers with special character

I have a varchar(200) column that contains entries such as, ABC123124_A12312 ABC123_A1212 ABC123124_B12312 AC123124_AD12312 A12312_123 etc.. I want to replace a sequence of numbers with a single * so that I can group the distinct non-numeric patterns in the table. The result for this set would be ABC*_A* ABC*_B* AC*_AD* A*_* I have written the […]


HANA – Input Parameter Filter when empty

I want to display all the data when the input parameter is left empty. I am able to make it work with the following code in the filter expression in the calculation view. However, when I pass a value in the input parameter, it does not work. if(‘$$CTUSER$$’ = ”,match(“USER”,’*’),in(“USER”, ‘$$CTUSER$$’)) Note that there are […]