Mastering Development

Notice: Array to string conversion in PHP Json problems

I’m very new to php I have been watching some youtube videos I have a json file [{"name":"hally","ip":{"ip":[1,2,3,4]}},{"name":"Olojak","ip":{"ip":[11,22,33,44]}},{"name":"Andy","ip":{"ip":[111,222,333,444]}},{"name":"NoMad","ip":{"ip":[1111,2222,3333,4444]}},{"name":"ni","ip":{"ip":[11111,22222,33333,44444]}},{"name":"Nish","ip":{"ip":[111111,222222,333333,444444]}},{"name":"hs","ip":{"ip":[1111111,2222222,333333,4444444]}},{"name":"Kif","ip":{"ip":[11111111,22222222,33333333,44444444]}},{"name":"Kip","ip":{"ip":[111111111,111111111,111111111,11111111]}}] and i want to display each name and ip address this is my php file <?php $jsondata = file_get_contents("info.json"); $names = json_decode($jsondata, true); foreach ($names as $user){ echo $user[‘name’]."<br/>"; echo "IP:".$user[‘ip’]; echo "<br/>"; }; //echo "<br/>"; echo […]

Database Development

Join table from values nested deeply in a jsonb field

I am having trouble building the correct SQL query that can join a table from a deeply nested array in a jsonb object with rows from another table. The deeply nested array contains strings and optionally an array of strings. These arrays should be flattened and then used to join in the other table. Here […]