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Multiple socket.event inside one socket.on

I am trying an application that emits multiple times when it is called once. For example: ` io.on(‘connection’, socket => { socket.on(‘compute-library’, message => { while (true) { socket.emit(‘status’, 1) }; }); }); ‘ However, when I am running my application, I only get a single emit element. If I add a termination condition for […]

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PowerShell Script: Can you create a dynamically updating variable ($var.substring([int32],[int32]))?

UPDATED/REWRITTEN QUESTION The following is a re-write of a question some found to be confusing. However, I am re-writing this question after learning what I hoped to accomplish was not possible. But, I have provided a workaround as an answer in case another may have a similar question in the future. I have IF-THEN conditions […]

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Uniform convergence of a series of functions on a given interval

My problem: To determine and prove whether the series $\sum \frac{x^{n}}{1+x^{n}}$ converges uniformly on $ [0,1)$. My solution: First, I should note that despite seeing graphically that it looks like the series might converge uniformly on $[0,1)$, my intuition tends towards the opposite. Claim. The series $\sum \frac{x^{n}}{1+x^{n}}$ does not converge uniformly on $ [0,1)$. […]


Iterative targeted-FGSM not working for minibatches

I am trying to perform iterative fgsm attack to my neural network. I am refering to this blog However, the attack can only affect the prediction of the first data in a minibatch. And the resting is not affected. I am using MNIST dataset and a very small neural network, which I have pretrained […]