Mastering Development

Java program to sort a versioning string in an ascending order

I have a list containing version strings, such as things: versions_list = ["1.1.2", "1.0.0", "1.3.3", "1.0.12", "1.0.2"] I would like to sort it, so the result would be something like this: versions_list = ["1.0.0", "1.0.2", "1.0.12", "1.1.2", "1.3.3"] How to do this in Java.

Ask Mathematics

Does strong deformation retraction move points along fixed x curve along that curve?

Let $X$ be a topological space, and $f : X \times [0, 1] \to X$ be a strong deformation retraction from $X$ to $X’ \subset X$. Does it hold that for each $x \in X$ and $t \in [0, 1]$, $$f(f(x, t), 1) = f(x, 1)$$ ? This property does not hold for deformation retractions […]

CSS Development

Animate (draw) SVG Fotography paths and fill, using CSS (JS)

So, I wanted to animate a huge SVG photography, I have done it a year ago but have lost track of how I have done it. The SVG inside the given code part is not the full image since it has too many characters… but you’ll get the sence of the scale and structure by […]


Fastest way to replace multiple values in large data.frame

I have an extremely large dataframe, and I need to replace different values in the dataframe. Over time I have written a couple of different ways to replace the values that I need to change. Here is a subset of data so you can see what I am talking about df <- structure(list(CHROM = c(“chr1”, […]