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SSH reverse tunnel intermediate host

I have a scenario of 3 machines (A, B, C) all on different locations. All of them are behind NAT, where only B can be accessed from the outside world through forwarded port 12345 on the router on site B.

A = Laptop (WIN 10)

B = Raspi (Raspbian 9 Strech)

C = Raspi (Raspbian 10 Buster)

What I have managed so far:

I can ssh A => B (putty, through forwarded port 12345) – no big deal

I can ssh C => B (ssh -N -R 2222:localhost:22 user@B.dyndns -p 12345) – reverse ssh tunnel, setup with crontab to run automatically.

I can ssh B => C (ssh -p 2222 localhost)

I can ssh A => B => C (putty to B, then from there “ssh -p 2222 localhost” and I get to C)

What I really want is:

ssh A => C (putty)

I want to access other devices in network C (from A), like file systems of the devices in network C etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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