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sqlx installation fails due to mismatched types

I’m installing sqlx on Ubuntu 18.04:

cargo install --git sqlx-cli

I get the error

 error[E0308]: mismatched types
 --> sqlx-cli/src/
8 |     #[clap(short = "D", long)]
  |                    ^^^ expected `char`, found `&str`
$ rustc --explain E0308                                                                                   
    Expected type did not match the received type.
    Erroneous code example:
    let x: i32 = "I am not a number!";
    //     ~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    //      |             |
    //      |    initializing expression;
    //      |    compiler infers type `&str`
    //      |
    //    type `i32` assigned to variable `x`
    This error occurs when the compiler is unable to infer the concrete type of a
    variable. It can occur in several cases, the most common being a mismatch
    between two types: the type the author explicitly assigned, and the type the
    compiler inferred.
$ rustc --version                                                                                         
    rustc 1.47.0 (18bf6b4f0 2020-10-07)

$ cargo --version                                                                                                 
    cargo 1.47.0 (f3c7e066a 2020-08-28)

The full logs

How can I solve the error and complete the installation?

GitHub issue

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