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Someone made a small, apparently fraudulent, transaction to my public address. What is the purpose behind it?

I have a small e-commerce site and someone made three cryptocurrency purchases just seemingly to know my public addresses as she never paid the cost of goods. The three addresses she viewed are public derived from the master public key so there shouldn’t be any security problems there afaik.

She seemingly wanted to know my BTC, ETH and LTC addresses but only made a small transaction of $1.89 in BTC. I got 0.2¢ and other address got the rest. Here’s the blockchain transaction data.

By the multiple transactions from this address and others related to it, it looks like if someone is trying to move a large quantity of BTC through multiple addresses to make it difficult to track. But why using public addresses from e-commerce sites like mine? Shouldn’t be the same creating multiple new addresses? Maybe you can extract more meaning from this transaction and the intention behind it.

For additional info, the IP from where she made the purchases at my site is

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