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Some Biological processes are erroneously named due to their order of discovery.Why can’t these be corrected to match their role?

While reviewing the biochemical processes which make photosynthesis possible, and the photon capture by chloroplast machinery in plane cells the initial step you come across is

Light in form of photons are captured by the protein complex Photo system II generating high energy electrons; which are then moved to the cytochrome complex.
And from there to the Photo system I which capture photons re-energizing the electrons.

I understand that the reason why PSII comes before PSI is because of their order of discovery. I remember when learning it for the first time, this order confused me to no end.

My question is, why can’t we, after so many years of its discovery and elucidation, perform a standardized amendment of its nomenclature to better represent their biological order of role?

Are there any practical, scientific, and perhaps cultural inhibitions to doing the same ?

I’ve noted this is not the only instance where incorrect nomenclature is promoted in place of the actual one. Because of incomplete understanding at the time of discovery.

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