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[SOLVED]:How make my own Dynamic DNS Server?

So, here is the thing.
I have a server with static IP and a domain (, and I have some other servers with changing locations and dynamic IPs and no domains. I wanna give them my subdomain (like; and when my costumers wanna go to, I want my main server forward them to the other server.
So I need to run a program on my other servers that listen to their IPs and send them to main server, after that I need a program that run on my main server that listen to other servers for their IPs and update the bind subdomain records.
I look the entire the Internet and I didn’t find anything suitable for my situation.

PS: I got a situation that my network is limited and I can not use "no-ip" or "duckdns" or similar.
I have apache2 on all the servers and they are all using "Ubuntu server".

What is the solution and what should I DO???!

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