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Site speed using web fonts – Self-hosted vs Google Fonts etc

Whilst looking for the right solution for me, I have been looking at the question here Using fonts on websites: Webfonts vs downloaded fonts, and one of the answerers states:

The information given to you was seriously outdated—and unrealistic, since most people could not be bothered to download and install fonts.

I can be bothered to install fonts on my hosting server if it is beneficial to, and this is the crux of my question here.

The question I linked to here talks about the benefits of using Google Fonts when developing their site. Using CSS to import a Google Font for use by using for example:

@import url(//;

then using the font in the body

body {
  font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

would definitely be beneficial when developing your site off the hosting server through systems such as Wamp as an example, but what about when using Google Fonts on a live site?

Do you get a site loading speed benefit using @import url(//; or is it more speedy for site loading to download the fonts for use self-hosted?

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