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Should I use Flask w/ Javascript OR a Javascript UI that calls a Flask / Connexion API?

I recently wrote a data management tool in Python & SQLAlchemy. Now, I need to put a web UI on it. While I want to start small, there is some need for interactivity, like drag and drop in tables, that I can’t do in ‘plain’ HTML / CSS. It seems to me that there are two basic paths I can take from here and I’m not sure how to choose the right one. As I see it, both paths involve Flask and they are:

Develop my UI with

  • Flask, embedding Javascript where needed to provide the interactivity
    I need, or
  • Develop the UI in Javascript, having it call an API I develop using Flask with Connexion and Open API

Today, someone suggested to me that it would be easier to develop the UI in Flask and that, as I’m doing that, adding an API for others to get to my app would be relatively simple, giving me both a UI AND a platform for writing a pure Javascript UI application.

I know Python and databases. I don’t really know HTML / CSS / Javascript and will likely have someone else write that part for me, wherever it sits.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the best way to get something done quickly while retaining long term flexibility? Thanks for your help!

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