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Shipment emails not being sent even though other emails are working Magento 2.3.4

I’m running into an issue where Magento 2.3.4 is not sending the shipment confirmation email after I enter the shipment for an order.

I have tried to send the shipping details (by checking the box to send customer notification) and it does not send.

If I go into the Admin page, go to Sales > Orders, pull up the shipment, and then click "Send Tracking Information", the email is also does not send.

When I press "Send Tracking Information" it asks me for confirmation "Do you really want to send the customer an e-mail of the order" and then the screen remains blank with a text "Sent by Shipment Number".

Debug.log & cron.log

main.INFO: Cron Job sales_send_order_shipment_emails is run [] []
main.INFO: Cron Job sales_send_order_shipment_emails is successfully finished

When I place an order, the order confirmation email is sent correctly.

When I invoice the order, the invoice email is sent correctly.

Why are the shipment emails not being sent when a shipment is entered?

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