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Second website on server with Nginx, Postfix and Dovecot sends emails, but does not receives them?

I am new to mail servers. I followed this tutorial of Linuxize everything is perfect for the first website on the server. I can send emails, I can receive emails, no problem.

I had to add another website with different domain on the server. From the PostfixAdmin I added the domain, I created an email box. So far so good. I am able to send email from Roundcube (new domain and new mailbox) without problem, the problem is I cannot receive emails with the second domain.

When I open the mail.log there is nothing regarding the sent mail to the new domain, while when I send an email to the first domain I can see all kind of information, so I guess I am not receiving them properly. Any suggestions where should I look?

I am using Cloudflare, which is the only difference with the tutorial, otherwise I followed it line by line.

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