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SAS disk vs entry level SSD

We are acquiring new Lenovo SR650 server (which will be hosting multiple Oracle DB servers,SAP) & following storage options are proposed from the vendors

  • ThinkSystem 2.5″ 1.2TB 10K SAS 12Gb Hot Swap 512n HDD (QTY: 16 disks)
  • ThinkSystem 2.5″ 5210 960GB Entry SATA 6Gb Hot Swap QLC SSD (QTY: 16 disks)
  • ThinkSystem 2.5″ 5210 1.92TB Entry SATA 6Gb Hot Swap QLC SSD (QTY: 16 disks)

We read somewhere that upon sudden power failure, there are more chances of total data corruption as compared to SAS disks.

What is more suitable storage option from above from performance & reliability perspective?

We have redundant UPS , along with dedicated online generator for Data Center.Initially we will be hosting 2 SAP servers (Production & Development). Both are virtualized. Each VM space usage is around 3 TB. In the past, our experience with Raid 5 is not good, & we are using RAID 10 in all of our servers, and after RAID10 , we have not encountered any failure from past few years.

Is this a good idea to break 16 disks into TWO Raid 10 arrays? PRD on 1st array, and DEV on 2nd array, So that whatever operation (data copy, Backup etc) is in progress, it should not affect second array?

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