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ROT3K8: Replacing the restored emperor

Same deal as here, I have a question about two of the events in Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII.

In Rot3K8, there are 96 events that you can unlock in different games. Some involve playing a particular character in a certain scenario, some have special triggers such as marrying a particular woman or having X amount of infamy. Two of the last three that I have to complete are events 93 & 94. They involve:

  1. The Han emperor being deposed, as historically was carried out by Cao Pi & in-game can be accomplished in four or five separate ways;
  2. A player-character controlling 10+ prefectures including Luoyang, which leads to the discovery of the former emperor and allows the PC to pledge fealty to him; and
  3. A player-character controlling 40+ prefectures, which leads to the former emperor abdicating to permit the PC’s elevation to emperor.

There are two separate versions of this, depending on whether the PC is a member of the Liu family (and thus continuing the Han) or not (in which case a new dynasty is proclaimed).

So my questions:

1. Is there any scenario in the game where one faction has already rediscovered the emperor?

which would spare a player needing to go through the trouble of the first two stages, and

2. Is it possible to trigger both events in the same game?

or is it impossible to do the Liu-family and non-Liu-family versions in the same game by trading control of Luoyang or redeposing the emperor?

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