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Response to form triggers creation of zero or more duplicate scenes

I’ve got two scenes, one with room 1 and one with room 2.

In room 1 I’ve got one table with two 3D assets on top of it. This room also has a door that connects to room 2 through a door but it’s closed.

Once going near the 3D assets a dialog pops up saying to click “E”. This pops up a 2D form one needs to fill.

Only after filling both forms I’m able to go into room 2.

Now what I would like to do is, depending on the response in the form, one or more duplicate room 2 scenes should be created and dynamically added to the scene. If with scenes isn’t possible, what’s the way to do such thing?

Know about SceneManager.CreateScene but this creates an empty scene, not exactly what I want to.

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