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resource pack not not showing up

I’m running latest 1.16 Android version of Minecraft Bedrock under Linux using the mcpelauncher. I want to create my own custom paintings, so I tried to download some and install them so I could see how it was done. However, when I unzip the downloaded file to ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/pack_name it does not show up. I have tried both under settings (global resources) and for a specific map. Both files I found were advertised as being 16×16 – I have read that some larger images may require additional work to get them up and running so I thought this would be the most simple. I also read that it’s possible that different versions of Minecraft have different resource pack formats. Both packs I downloaded were advertised for "Minecraft 1.16" although I don’t know if there are any other non-Android/Bedrock versions with this same number.

The format of the unzipped directory is a pack.mcmeta containing pack_format 5, as well as a pack.png and an assets folder containing the actual resources.

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