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[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Any tips for a young guy moving out of state?

Lived on the central coast of california my whole life. Im ready for something new. I took up a job in the phoenix area. Ive already spent a week in phoenix working at the job, so i know i like the area and i know the job will work out. Planning a move in january. Almost exactly 3 months. All im bringing with me is my truck, my dog and all of my tools. Any tips on searching for housing in the area, and what legal stuff i will have to do? Will i have to go backnto california to file my taxes? How many days before i need to register my truck for arizona? Can i keep the same auto insurance i already have? Ive looked on craigslist for apartments and they seem very affordable. When should i start making phone calls about housing? I feel its completely unteasonable to ask somebodynto hold an apartment for 3 months. Any and all advice is welcome.

20 year old male here. I already have some friends there, they go to gcu and are not far from where i would be living. I wont be lonely so dont try to tell me that. I just want to keep all of my paperwork legit when i make the move.

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