What is the correct way to use androidx dropdownPreference?

I’m using dropdown preference but app crashes each time it tries to infalte. What should be entryValues and entries filed? official doc does not explain about xml usage. Tested on api 25 and 21. <androidx.preference.PreferenceCategory app:title=”@string/Time”> <androidx.preference.DropDownPreference android:key=”dropdown” android:title=”@string/waitTime” android:entryValues=”@array/planets_array” android:entries=”@array/times” app:useSimpleSummaryProvider=”true” /> </androidx.preference.PreferenceCategory> </androidx.preference.PreferenceScreen> string.xml: <resources> <string-array name=”planets_array”> <item>Mercury</item> <item>Venus</item> <item>Earth</item> <item>Mars</item> </string-array> <integer-array…


Mongodb timestamps for querying documents

I want to fetch all the documents created on D-1 day, i.e. suppose if any record has been created on 4-12-2019 then query should fetch records created on 3-12-2019. Here is my Model and code: VENDOR ORDER SCHEMA const vendorOrderSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ timesOfIndia:{ tradeCopies:{ type:Number, deafult:0 }, subscriptionCopies:{ type:Number,} }, economicTimes:{ tradeCopies:{ type:Number, deafult:0…


I’ve written my own npm module, when I import it into a new project, all the asset paths are relative toward the project instead of inside the module?

As an example, I have a couple of icons that are used inside the module, however the path ‘../../public/assets/arrow.svg’ works when running the module directly, however when importing it into a project, the module is now trying to find the SVG inside the projects public folder instead. How is this usually handled?