Keep text between [] Java

i have several strings (they are like 600 thousand++) that are like this: [59395820]: English for Academic Study: Vocabulary 2012 edition – Study Book, Colin Campbell [2651]: Η ΑΝΑΓΕΝΝΗΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΝΟΗΜΑΤΟΣ, ΧΡΥΣΗ ΚΑΡΑΤΣΙΝΙΔΟΥ [17067]: Discours Action Interaction, Κέλλα Βασιλική and i only want to keep the values between []. For example on the first string…


Difference between va_loss from fit and score from evaluate?

I am learning to use tf and Keras with a regression problem. I have written this function for cross-validate differents models, in order to compare them. def cv(X, y, model, n_splits=5, epochs=5, batch_size=1024, random_state=42, verbose=0): # kf = KFold(n_splits=n_splits, shuffle=True, random_state=random_state) kf = KFold(n_splits=n_splits, shuffle=False, random_state=random_state) histories = [] for s in kf.split(X): X_train =…


React Native – is there a reliable Geo fencing Package that is available?

I have been searching for a while and I haven’t come across a reliable geofencing package for react-native. I have found the following ones: react-native-boundary, react-native-simple-native-geofencing(not fully tested). These are not very reliable and don’t have good support. Furthermore, these packages do have bugs. Please advise if there is a package available.