How do I get over a problem getting methodID in jni

I’m trying to invoke a java method from JNI. For that I did the following: This is my java class data class MyJavaClass(val keyId: String = “”): HashMap<String,Any>{ fun getSpecialObjects(): HashMap<String, Array<SpecialObject>>{ val result = HashMap<String, Array<SpecialObject>>() forEach { (k, v) -> try { val vJson = gson.toJson(v) val item: ArrayList<SpecialObject> = gson.fromJson(vJson, type) result[k]…


Add linebreaks after N special characters are observed

I have a requirement wherein I have a CSV file which has data in a wrong format. However based on the number pipes I need to add a newline character and make the data ready for Consumption. Can we count the number pipes and add newline \ncharacter? Example: sadasd|asdasd|l||||0sds|sdsds|2||||0sdsd|asdasd|l||||0 Expected output: sadasd|asdasd|l||||0 sds|sdsds|2||||0 sdsd|asdasd|l||||0 .

Details bot failing to send a message when the member is not in the JSON file

@bot.command() async def coincount(ctx,*, member: discord.Member = None): member = if not member else member member_id = str( with open(‘users.json’, ‘r’) as f: users = json.load(f) coins = users[member_id][‘coins’] if member_id in users: if coins > 1: await ctx.send(f'{member.mention} has {coins} coins.’) if coins == 1: await ctx.send(f'{member.mention} has {coins} coin.’) else: await ctx.send(f'{member.mention}…


_tkinter.TclError: invalid command name “pyimage2”

I want to get street networks, building footprints, and plot them.I coded this: def make_plot(place, point, network_type=’drive’, bldg_color=’orange’, dpi=40, dist=805, default_width=4, street_widths=None): gdf = ox.footprints.footprints_from_point(point=point, distance=dist) fig, ax = ox.plot_figure_ground(point=point, dist=dist, network_type=network_type, default_width=default_width, street_widths=street_widths, save=False, show=False, close=True) fig, ax = ox.footprints.plot_footprints(gdf, fig=fig, ax=ax, color=bldg_color, set_bounds=False, save=True, show=False, close=True, filename=place, dpi=dpi) place = ‘portland_buildings’ point =…


How to make tabulator ajax call in wordpress?

As per tabulator documentation the ajax request can be made using the format like this Ajax documentiation : var table = new Tabulator(“#example-table”, { ajaxURL:aglAjax.ajax_url, ajaxParams:{}, ajaxConfig:{ method: ‘GET’, mode:”cors”, //set request mode to cors credentials: “same-origin”, //send cookies with the request from the matching origin headers: { “Accept”: “application/json”, //tell the server we…