Can training a model on a dataset composed by real images and drawings hurt the training process of a real-world application model?

I’m training a classifier that’s supposed to be tested on underwater images. I’m wondering if feeding the model drawings of a certain class plus real images can affect the results badly. Was there a study on this? Or are there any past experiences anyone could share to help?

Nextcloud Snap with Collabora cannot install certificate with Let’s Encrypt

On an Ubuntu Server 16.04 I have an installation of Nextcloud (SNAP) and Collabora document management (Docker). It’s internal IP address is 192.1368.1.30 NextCloud-Snap listen on 443 Collabora-Docker listen on 9980 On this server there is also Apache2 with the following configuration in order to make Collabora app talks with NextCloud: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName…