Google Maps API – Autocomplete request api mismatch returns count for server and local

I was following this example to get locality from Google Maps Autocomplete API. When i’m calling from the Server https:///TestServer/locality/searchByName/gaur?prefix=Greater%20Noida%20Uttar%20Pradesh%20gaur it returns the following output localities(only one):- { “localities”:[ { “placeId”:”EkxHYXVyIENpdHkgMSBSb2FkLCBHYXVyIENpdHkgMSwgU2VjdG9yIDQsIEdyZWF0ZXIgTm9pZGEsIFV0dGFyIFByYWRlc2gsIEluZGlhIi4qLAoUChIJ5XEDHbPvDDkREFtqX33VFt4SFAoSCSerDRBN7gw5EZoZqJAgamzy”, “description”:”Gaur City 1 Road, Gaur City 1, Sector 4, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India” } ] } but when i’m calling the same from…


Visual Studio Code, Tasks not asinging input variable, parsing a command

I’m trying to make a task build code for ESPRESSIF IDF natively in VSCode on Linux (Ubuntu 10) but I’m running into some issue with the following task: // See // for the documentation about the tasks.json format “version”: “2.0.0”, “tasks”: [ { “label”: “Build Firmware”, “group”: “build”, “type”: “shell”, “command”: “”, “args”: [“build”],…


ssh on windows – Corrupted MAC on input

I’ve installed OpenSSH on Windows. I can successfully connect to my remote server via ssh with Putty from this Windows machine. But when opening a PowerShell, and trying ssh [email protected] I’ve got the error: debug3: send packet: type 5 Corrupted MAC on input. ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to port 22: message authentication code incorrect When looking…


Strange constant message im mail.log: lost connection after AUTH from unknown

Anyone can help me understanding this message that keeps appearing in my mail.log: Dec 6 19:53:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[4873]: connect from unknown[] Dec 6 19:53:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[4873]: lost connection after AUTH from unknown[] Dec 6 19:53:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[4873]: disconnect from unknown[] ehlo=1 auth=0/1 commands=1/2 I have fail2ban installed but it seems that is not block this…


Delete Vue Resource

This is my code. I want to delete in users in array the first object, but in my browser console shows this error. DELETE http://localhost:3000/users?id=1 404 (Not Found) delete(){ this.resource = this.$resource(“http://localhost:3000/users”); this.resource.delete({id: 1}) .then(response => { return response }, response => { console.log(response) }); }

Details controller does not get hit – GET method

I’m trying to get the result of a JSON request into a table using angular ng-repeat, but nothing happens. Console shows no errors, breakpoint in .NET Controller doesn’t get hit. Code for App Controller: var app = angular.module(‘angularTable’, []); app.controller(‘listdata’, function ($scope, $http) { $scope.contacts = []; $http({ method: ‘GET’, url: ‘/Contacts/GetContacts/’ }).success(function (response) {…