Angular 8 – How to access the variables of a child component used in the ng-template of a parent

In the template of a parent component, I’m using a child component in the ng-template like this <ng-template #signalsDialog> <div class=”dialog”> <child-selector [Id]=”” [listSource]=”parentModel.signals” [loadingState]=”parentModel.loadingState” (closeDropDown)=”closeDropdown()”> </child-selector> </div> </ng-template> This #signalsDialog is displayed in the parent component as a CDK Overlay component, like this Problem#1 When Search succeeded and the list updated in the background,…


compare two multidimension and associative arrays and get the difference

I need to compare two arrays like this // currently in our database $firstArr = array( [“id”=>1, “another_id”=>1], [“id”=>2, “another_id”=>4], [“id”=>5, “another_id”=>9] ); // currently fetched from csv-files $secondArr = array( [“id”=>6, “another_id”=>3], [“id”=>2, “another_id”=>7], [“id”=>1, “another_id”=>1] ); The first array represents the data that is currently in our database, meanwhile the second one represents…


How do I get over a problem getting methodID in jni

I’m trying to invoke a java method from JNI. For that I did the following: This is my java class data class MyJavaClass(val keyId: String = “”): HashMap<String,Any>{ fun getSpecialObjects(): HashMap<String, Array<SpecialObject>>{ val result = HashMap<String, Array<SpecialObject>>() forEach { (k, v) -> try { val vJson = gson.toJson(v) val item: ArrayList<SpecialObject> = gson.fromJson(vJson, type) result[k]…


Add linebreaks after N special characters are observed

I have a requirement wherein I have a CSV file which has data in a wrong format. However based on the number pipes I need to add a newline character and make the data ready for Consumption. Can we count the number pipes and add newline \ncharacter? Example: sadasd|asdasd|l||||0sds|sdsds|2||||0sdsd|asdasd|l||||0 Expected output: sadasd|asdasd|l||||0 sds|sdsds|2||||0 sdsd|asdasd|l||||0 .

Details bot failing to send a message when the member is not in the JSON file

@bot.command() async def coincount(ctx,*, member: discord.Member = None): member = if not member else member member_id = str( with open(‘users.json’, ‘r’) as f: users = json.load(f) coins = users[member_id][‘coins’] if member_id in users: if coins > 1: await ctx.send(f'{member.mention} has {coins} coins.’) if coins == 1: await ctx.send(f'{member.mention} has {coins} coin.’) else: await ctx.send(f'{member.mention}…