How to disable decrement button in counterapp if value=1 in Angularjs

I am building an app in which user have to addtocart using increment/decrement button. As value=0 i want decrement button to be disabled. I used ng-disabled as such: <div class=”plus-minus”> <div class=”dec qtybutton” ng-click=”pro.countVal = (pro.countVal-1)” ng-disabled=”pro.countVal === 1″>-</div> <input type=”text” name=”qtybutton” class=”cart-plus-minus-box” required ng-model=”pro.countVal” > <div class=”inc qtybutton” ng-click=”pro.countVal=(pro.countVal+1)”>+</div> </div> But its not working.…


The JS cannot refresh

I have a php file named angularGaugeChart.php. It will display a chart by using “” library. When first visit it by browser, it can display the chart correctly. I want to it refresh automatically. Thus, I added following script. The php can refresh automatically, but it cannot display the chart after refreshment. I want to…


how to render array of images in html view?