Remove host previously added with –add-host from running docker container

I previously started a container by using docker run –add-host myserver: –name my-container <etc> Now I want to update THAT container, so that I remove “myserver” from the containers hosts file. How do I do that? I basically need docker service update –host-rm for a container and not a service…. Since I haven’t put my…


Is there a way to provide a config file or private key to an Elastic Beanstalk instance?

I have an EBS instance running a Golang webserver application, which uses a config.json that contains important and private configuration values like Database address, user and password. I’ve been trying to find a solution to provide this configuration file to the EBS instance without needing to commit the file itself to version control (it’s Github,…


Why one of my interfaces receives DHCP requests

I have a server with multiple interfaces. One [Eth_ext] is connected to external network and other two [eth0, eth1] are connected back-to-back to another server. Say eth0 is on subnet and eth1 is on subnet For some reason the eth1 is constantly getting requests: IP > BOOTP/DHCP While eth0 does not.…


Nginx – UWSGI 504 gateway timeout

I saw lots of topics of nginx 504 error , but non if them solved this. Im using nginx , uwsgi on 1 machine to run Django application . i tried to add these config line at the end of /etc/nginx/nginx.conf : uwsgi_read_timeout 3s; uwsgi_connect_timeout 75s; proxy_connect_timeout 600s; proxy_send_timeout 600s; proxy_read_timeout 600s; fastcgi_send_timeout 600s; fastcgi_read_timeout…


How to structure data science frameworks or libraries (e.g. Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow)?

my general question is whether there are best practices or guidelines for developing open source frameworks/libraries like Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow or PyTorch. The mentioned frameworks are easy to use and well documented. Maybe there are some papers or guidelines that are important to know before starting a project like this. Thank you for your help! Reinsburg

Details sql select statement to find all Not Null’s, do I need to use parameters?

Good morning, I’m simply trying to find all records in my sql database table that don’t equal null. So when I wrote the select statement, I treat it like I would anything else to avoid sql injection issues. Here’s an example: Command = New SqlCommand connection.Open() Command.Connection = connection Command.CommandType = CommandType.Text Command.CommandText = “SELECT…