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Question about Interpreting from IGV

Hello I am a complete beginner with zero knowledge of bioinformatics taking a class on it offered by my dept.

I have a screenshot of my IGV of 5 genes that I used from human genome 38. I simply followed direction given from my class without understanding but I wanted to understand what the hell was going on here. Can someone walk me through what I am looking at and how the data is interpreted? Here is what I understood so far:

Tracks are the SRR… 2 rows you see in the middle still do now know what the functions of those are though. Something about alignment according to the class. In tracks there are essentially bargraph looking figures through out the sequence and was not sure what they refer to. They are also spread out and differe in height and do not necessarily correspond to the “gene” graph below

The “Gene” section in the bottom row shows the exons of each gene encoding for various proteins?Though I am not sure what the thickness and the height of them mean as well as arrows pointing in different directions. In addition, when I hover over them it shows exon numbers/ID which changes at different sections where the horizontal bars are located. I do not know how to interpret those either. Can someone guide me or point at where to look so I can learn this.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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