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Public CNAME to private internal domain doesn’t work

Public name server (controlled by me, I own 300 IN CNAME myserver.home.

Private name server (some auto-config voodoo, can’t modify this record):

myserver.home. 300 IN A

But only works intermittently: It did use to work in Chrome, but currently doesn’t. dig without further options returns the cname, but dig with +norecurse fails, each tested with the local dns server and several public ones.

What is the easiest way to fix this? Something that doesn’t involve setting up a local nameserver, preferably?

Background: In my home network there is a server “myserver.home” which is accessible as “myserver.home”, but this is obviously no valid public dns name. It does work fine in the home network, though. Because I want HTTPS, I added a CNAME from to myserver.home so I can get a certificate for (using certbot, dns-01, works just fine).

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