Mastering Development System & Network

Proposed LAN Topology feedback/review

I have designed the network like as in below Image . Because unavailability of static IP I have configured the DHCP on the Server Machine.


I wanted to connect my laptop/Desktop machines that running Windows 8/10 to Central development server that running Ubuntu 18.04 Server . The server is a development server holds all the software (Api Gateway , Version Control Software(git.svn..etc) , Development IDE(s) , Other programming software , main code base . etc) . Here Moba Xterm Software is used for access the server via SSH to develop the our code base (commit and push the changes to the main server code base via git) . I have used CAT5e RJ45 cables for the whole network.

Proposed network diagram

enter image description here

I wanted to know that this network plan is correct for my requirement ?

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