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Problems Reformatting SSD on mid 2015 Retina 15″ MBP

When I purchased the subject laptop last year I replaced the original Apple SSD with a non-Apple 2 TB SSD. For years I have always kept OS and data on separate drives or at least separate partitions. That always made backups and moving data to new machines simple for me. This time I struggled to create that same arrangement, but it proved too difficult.

I sat down recently to attempt to resolve the mess I created. It appears I had created a 1.05 TB and a .95 TB partition on the SSD. The 1.05 TB partition contained a "container" that contained my OS and data in a couple of "volumes". The remaining .95 TB partition of the SSD was simply a wasteland.

Over the last couple of days I have made numerous attempts to erase/reformat any or all of the SSD but the Disk Utility simply will not allow any of that (erase is ghosted). I have tried changing the size of the first partition, but Disk Utility will not allow that either. Next I tried a few things with diskutil in terminal but do not seem to be making any progress there either. Command + R and Command + Option + R did not work for me because Disk Utility there only shows disk0/OS X Base System, neither of which can be erased, and Reinstall OS X cannot find any drive at all for the install.

So, in summary, help! If I do a diskutil list in Terminal I see disk0 thru disk13… and that can’t be right. I want to reformat and start over but nothing seems to get me there. Currently there is no important data on this machine. Oh, laptop still works fine, I just can’t live with system and data on same partition.

Some of my symptoms sound similar to Redrighthand’s "MacBook-pro Internal PCIe Samsung 512g SSD no longer recognized on MBP (mid 2015 15" A1398)".

Thanks in advance for any help.

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