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prioritize wifi over bridge connection

i have 2 internet connection in my home one is Ethernet and the other one is WiFi and they are different internet connection with different ISPs. i usually connect both connection to my laptop so whenever i need Ethernet i turn off WiFi and whenever i need WiFi i turn it on and connect it. i usually use my WiFi connection but my Ethernet is with bridge connection so modem is in bridge mode and i connect with my connection on windows so i wanted to know is there a way to prioritize WiFi over bridge connection or not?

i tried interface metric to prioritize WiFi over Ethernet but because it’s bridge connection windows won’t use WiFi as long as bridge is connected so every time i need WiFi i have to disconnect bridge!(no need to unplug Ethernet, windows will use WiFi over LAN)
so i actually want to use WiFi over bridge if that’s possible

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