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Popular Tags module, show tags only from selected categories

I have a site with many articles, each articles has own tags, they are assigned to 3 main categories, lets say:

  • Cat. "Blog Food": 15 articles with own tags
  • Cat. "Blog Travel": 25 articles with own tags
  • Cat. "Blog Hotel": 10 articles with own tags

I have 3 menu items with Blog view, each menu shows articles from one category, so I have 3 different blogs.

Now what I want to do is to show a "Popular tags" in each blog, showing tags only from this specific category.

The problem I have is that the module shows tags from all the articles, so tags from "food" blog are shown also in the "hotel" blog.

How can I make possible to show tags selecting the "source" of the tags, from example add a "popular tags" module on "food" blog that shows only tags taken from articles that are in "food" category.

I have tried to use the built in tags module and couple other additional module, but they show only all the tags from all the articles.

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