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[ People with Disabilities ] Open Question : How come people think that my friend and I are pedophiles because of the way we dress and talk to a 12 year old?

So I have another new friend who is close to my age named joshua and joshua is my age and we sometimes do a group call with nathan our 12 year old friend. A lot of people have also given joshua crap too and one lady cussed him out on a bus cause of the way he was dressed. The lady called him a pedophile and told him to grow up and stopped dressing like a pedophile. Joshua just loves sonic the hedgehog and so he wears sonic the hedgehog gear stuff. Everyone says I’m a pedophile for dressing nice to go to a festival and they called joshua a pedo cause he wants to wear sonic the hedgehog stuff. The lady told joshua that everything about him makes him look like a pedophile from his beard to his outfit. How come they think that joshua is also a pedophile ?? Why do people accuse us of being pedophiles cause of the way we dress and act and talk to nathan ?? Does joshua really look like a pedophile ? 

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