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[ People with Disabilities ] Open Question : Am I in the wrong for getting annoyed at this mother for expecting me to automatically know how to converse with a deaf person?

Basically this woman was mad that I didn’t understand what her child was saying using a sign language and then got upset and yelled at me to pay attention. Then I tell her “well I’m not exactly a mind reader and I don’t know how impaired your child is.” She was angry cause I had to basically respond in a full sentence to her daughter but how the hell will her daughter know what I’m telling her if she’s deaf and how do I know she would be able to tell what I’m saying? She wouldn’t. Obviously you’re going to look to the parent or guardian to translate because we can’t ******* communicate with each other due to said disability.

Like I understand because I have a disabled family member but you can’t automatically assume or expect everyone to know how to respond to someone who’s disabled because many people do not live with one. It’s not a matter of disrespect but you have to be reasonable and not jump the gun every time someone doesn’t understand said disabled person or how to properly interact with them. I forgot to mention I also have a disability and I mentioned my brother, who’s autistic, to her because she got into a whole lecture about how to interact with disabled people. Obviously if you don’t know how bearing impaired a deaf person is and you don’t know sign language then wtf am I supposed to do. Do I basically just say it like a normal person to the child?  Is she mad I looked to her guardian to translate? I don’t get it. Someone help me out here. Badly impaired*** not bearing** @SimplytheFACTS Okay now I understand. What I don’t get is why is it necessary to get that upset because the majority of the population has never spoken to someone who is deaf, but she gets mad at me because she assumes everyone knows how to do it.

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