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PC turning off during high load

Recently my PC has started experiencing intermittent shut offs after loading into a graphically intensive game. At first I thought it was temperature related but when I watch hwinfo nothing is peaking crazy high, my 5700xt is peaking at 80C but usually sits around 74C and CPU temps are 50C steady at the same time. I even added a second intake fan to see if additional airflow would help but has made no difference.

As I mentioned the issue is intermittent and when it does occurs my USB devices disconnect first followed by the computer crashing, when using a controller in a game I actually get a “controller disconnected” message an instant before the whole computer turns off, and to be clear it’s not a blue screen it’s just a straight to a black screen.

Additionally Windows is generating no dump files from what I can see and reliability history gives me nothing beyond error 6008 unexpected shut down. Any troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated!

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