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nvme(kingston a2000) sometimes stops giving response in ubuntu 18.04(dell Inspiron 15 5580)

I installed new nvme in my Inspiron 15 5580. The laptop boots fine with my nvme but the problem is that sometimes it stops responding (not able to read anything).
Most of the time it happens at the time of power off and everything hangs so i tried pressing ctrl + alt + prtScr + R,E,I,S,U,B. This restart the system without power down. So after restart the bootloader is not able to find my .efi file and shows this:

Finally the nvme doesn’t get recognise until i completely power down my laptop and power on again.

I also checked the temperature of my drive it seems to be fine around 30-45 degree.

I think there might some issue with power supply to nvme.

Thanks in advance

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