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New DB is not in the end user list

I created a user tom in SQL Server 2019 Standard edition. Then I remove and reinstall the SQL Server 2019 standard edition(same version) and restored all the databases again with the same setting which I did previously with same instance name. Everything is same. Even same machine is used. I copied all the logins through a script provided by Microsoft. I ran the script on new installation/instance and all the logins are back again with same privileges as was granted earlier.
End user tom is unable to view the new database that I created in the List of databases in the SSMS. Tom can view the previously created databases in the list but not the new one. I granted tom sysadmin rights but still he is unable to see the new db I created from his machine. I asked tom to download and reinstall new version of SSMS, which he did but still he is unable to view the new db I created. Interestingly, when i used his credentials to login from my own personal machine to check, that new database will be coming in his(tom) list from my own personal machine, but when he login from his own machine with the same credentials, that new db is not coming into his list of DB. If right/permission is an issue then why it is coming in my own personal machine when I used his credentials to check. So where is an issue? Is it firewall issue in tom machine? Or something else?

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