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Nautilus “Connect to Server” is much slower than the terminal’s SSH

In both machines I usually operate on, one at home and another at work, Nautilus seens to work pretty fast when it comes to my local files. However, as soon as I connect it using the SSH option on Nautilus, it becomes really painfully slow, taking 2-5 seconds to open a folder, while a terminal ssh session would take just a fraction of a second to run a cd command.
The same goes for copying files, with a cp being nearly instantaneous on terminal-SSH, while
it takes a lot more in Nautilus.

The worse case, however, happens when i try to copy any of my local files to the remote side using Nautilus: it may take several minutes, maybe an hour, if the file (a tar, for example) is too big (500MB or bigger, let’s say) while a sftp > put or scp would last seconds, or just a few minutes at worse.

Isn’t Nautilus supposed to run the same SSH/SFTP connections and commands? If yes, why would it be considerably slower than the terminal on that?

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